Myeloma UK June 2019


My dad died from multiple Myeloma September 2018. He would have celebrated his 90th birthday this month. I’ve made a decision to support the charity by raising awareness and raising money. Before dad was diagnosed with Myeloma I knew of three different people with the disease; one woman in her 30s; another woman in her 50s and a man in his 70s.

All three had treatment and made a reasonable recovery, however when it came to my dad he was 88 and too weak to undergo chemotherapy. After reading about Myeloma, I discovered it mostly affected African Caribbean men over 60. It is a silent killer as it disguises itself as anemia, diabetes, arthritis etc.

There is no cure, but research has shown there are ways of relieving the symptoms.

I sent for my pack and I’m preparing to make cupcakes, a table top sale and putting together a poetry anthology.

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