Lizzy’s Lip Gloss


‘Do not despise small beginnings.’  Zechariah 4:10

There is something very satisfying about learning a new skill.  Our Friday evenings used to consist of buying ingredients after school to make cupcakes or to make another failed attempt at millionaire shortbread.  This Friday was different we decided to make lip gloss with the many ingredients I had gathered for such a product.  Where do we begin?  My daughter suggested YouTube a genius idea.

The first recipe we found was just Petroleum Jelly,  Coconut Oil. Vitamin E Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Lipstick.  The consistency was good and the colour was amazing.  We convinced family to be our guinea pigs and waited for feedback.  List of things to change:

  • The jar was too large
  • The gloss was too runny
  • It didn’t produce a consistent shine

We did some research on Pinterest one essential ingredient we had left out was cosmetic grade beeswax.  It made such a difference the lip gloss consistency suddenly it looked so professional.

The next project was the container, these containers were smaller, they had a screw lid and they protected the lip gloss from the elements.

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