Summer in Paris


Travelling to Europe has become as natural as breathing don’t know how much it will change in the future. Anyway the journey on the Eurostar was pretty straight forward. We were moved through the queues quickly. First delay with security. Struggling to understand what degree of undress is expected. Once through passport control not a seat in sight.

Three generations of one family on a train mum, two sons, two daughter in laws and two grandchildren. Surprisingly we all arrived on time.

Seats sorted time to distribute food, banana cake, sandwiches – cheese, ham and tomato even time to season with pepper.

The landscape from the train is pretty spartan once through the tunnel it’s a good opportunity to catch up on well needed sleep.

The sun is shining brightly and the temperature is now a mild 27 degrees.

On arrival at Gare du Nord the challenge of finding toilets and left luggage – signs leading to nowhere. The change machine was broken getting 9 euros in coins from the shops proved difficult – success on the tthird attempt.

The plan was to tour Paris before checking in to the hotel. It’s always best to plan ahead because travelling around Paris is neither cheap or easy. We used the Metro lots of stops and no one to help. At the Arc de Triomphe we decided to ride the tour bus on the Blue Line. With limited time the children needed to see the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa.

It was easy to get iconic photos of the Eiffel Tower without making the climb to the top. However seeing the Mona Lisa was like a search for the Holy Grail. We joined a long queue snaking from the entrance to the top of the stairs.

The Mona Lisa is cased and guarded but after the long climb you are given less than a minute to gaze on her beauty then you’re ushered out for the next crowd. Was it worth it? Yes! but it is always smaller than expected.

That was our day of culture now onwards to Euro Disney the hotel was based on a Wild West theme – barrels, wagons, horses etc. Our bedroom used the colours from Toy Story.

My daughter was overwhelmed by all things Disney Aurora’s Castle; Cinder ella’s Castle all the sets from her favourite Disney movies. At 8 years old she could ride the white knuckle rides Hyperspace Mountain, Tower of Terror and Toy Story Roller Coaster. Her verdict ‘best holiday ever!’.

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