Mother’s Day


2019 will be the year of many firsts. Around the corner will be the first Mother’s Day without my mum. In the shops there are adverts for meals, presents and cards.

The day started with a visit to the cemetery. Looking around at the bewildered relatives trying to make sense of their loss.

Gathering at the graveside I reflect on Mother’s Days in the past. One year we bought mum cooking utensils. She thanked us kindly and she said next time buy me something for myself. Every year after that perfume or flowers, but her favourite gift was money. Strangely enough she was a shopaholic and a saver.

Mothering Sunday was always special it was a time to say thank you mum loved cards with lots of words telling her how amazing she was.

Everyone called her mum whether they knew her or not. If anyone was having problems with their parents, husband, wife, friends mum took them in and gave them sound advice to help them move forward.

She loved to cook; nothing gave her greater pleasure than feeding someone who’s hungry and offering more.

It was always the Saturday before Mother’s day we’d ask dad ‘have you bought anything for mum?’ The response was always the same. ‘’ We would have to take him to the florist or to Boots to save the hysteria from mum.

Back to a cold day in March you’ve moved from your warm armchair to a cold grave. Dead flowers are removed replaced with fresh ones. Sleep on beloved, sleep on.

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