The Fastest Man on Earth

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What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?

That tense moment on the start line, will they start on the gun? Will there be a false start? All that training, all those injuries, all that pain thrown down the drain in an instant.

Spectators sit at the edge of their seats in the expectation of a photo finish. At 50 metres, everyone who had a good start is neck and neck, and then those in peak condition start to pull away. In the days of Usain Bolt, those long legs started to pull away to the point where he could wave to the crowd.

The commentators introduce the runners they try to do their individual moves to attract the attention of cameras. One memorable move is the Lightning Bolt. The crowd erupts this is what they came to see.

The runners slip into their blocks, and they go through their rituals before they finally put their heads down. ‘On your marks …’

The snap of the gun up from the blocks – movement to the finish line in less than 10 seconds is the hope.

This time, there’s no photo finish, just one outright winner time to look at the camera – one last bit of showmanship before the line. Commentators are falling off their chairs to find adjectives to describe what they’ve just seen with their own eyes.

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