Being creative isn’t easy


Sometimes, I wonder why we put out students through the difficult task of writing a story or a narrative under timed conditions. There are so many skills to pull together.

Students are marked firstly on content and organisation, so they have to respond to a picture or prompt in a few minutes. They have to plan a well structured piece with language techniques, a wide and sophisticated vocabulary, which is engaging and compelling.

Once they’ve jumped over that hurdle, they have to think about spelling, punctuation and grammar. This part of a two year course is always left until the end.

I’m sure it would make the whole English Language and Literature more enjoyable.

I enjoy writing, but sometimes I am crippled with self-doubt. I fear people judging my writing, and I admire people who are prepared to put themselves forward to write books and publish poetry anthologies.

This year I have decided to study my art. I want to make my writing so well crafted so that it can go on a shelf with Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy and Toni Morrison.

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