Mother’s Day

Matriarch’s Legacy

Another year has gone by. You’ve lived in 9 decades. God has blessed through all of them

Your children stand beside you and call you blessed. They recognise your sacrifices to bring them to this place where they can stand proudly and say they have overcome poverty, discrimination and hate.

You lost your husband nine years ago and you didn’t know how you would cope living alone without the love of your life. You proved to us all you are a survivor.

The love you show to others surpasses all the hate that has been unleashed in recent years. If someone is hungry you give them food; if someone is short of money you reach down deep and you give; if someone is discouraged you give them hope.

Motherhood is not easy; being the mother of three generations is a wonderful achievement. This year you celebrate being 91; this year we celebrate how to love and be loved.