Another year without you

Gone but not forgotten

The years are passing by without your smile, your touch, your love. Last year I didn’t know if I could continue with my life; but I did.

I found videos on my computer that my 4 year old daughter made. She was telling you to stop watching Emmerdale and pay her some attention. We loved our early evening visits – you’d make me a cup of tea and offer me some dinner. I would talk briefly about work but the rest of the time was sorting out the garden picking strawberries, gooseberries, and tomatoes. I would seek advice about growing stuff because even though we bought the same plants mine would wither and die but yours would thrive and yield and yield. I forgot about all your years of experience in Jamaica farming on your plot of land.

My daughter learnt so much from you; so many of her facial expressions; her quick wit and her sense of humour means that you’re always with me. Those afternoons before the illness took over were so valuable. You would be so proud to see her today sharing the wisdom and love handed down from her ancestors.

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