What breaks my heart?


Hate is a powerful word that has taken over our narrative to the point where we hate people who try to do some good in the world. People use their time and money to offer some light and hope to the hopeless only to be dragged by the media for being attention seeking and a narcisscist. Meghan the Duchess of Sussex took time to support the women of Grenfell with the practical support of a cook book.  These women felt that noone was held accountable for the death of 75 people housed in a tower block with flammable cladding in fact only people blamed from so called independent report – the fire service – yes the people who went into the burning people to rescue victims of the fire.  I digress she also supported a charity which helped women get back to work with clothes for an interview. Journalists who are only capable of spreading their bile are outraged that she has chosen to stop their feeding frenzy.  It must be so frustrating to be on the receiving end of endless speculative stories and having no place to address or counterbalance the negativity.

I wonder how the Daily Mail will fill its pages now that the Sussexes have left the building. They have Kate and William and the children I suppose

The constant denial of the elephant in the room is laughable. The negativity boils down to racism. Yes it’s an ugly word; so painful for some to hear that they prefer to respond to the person calling out the racist behaviour rather than the racist behaviour itself. Some newspapers are case studies on the insidious, destructive and corrosive nature of institutional racism.

How can we change this hate to love?

Well after reading the comments on Twitter I am going to cut down on my consumption of social media – when peoples comments are allowed to go unchecked people of colour cannot express an opinion without vile racist abuse – to be honest – it breaks my heart.

Meghan’s experiences are unsurprising for every child of an immigrant – I have read comments from tv presenters and journalists ‘go back to America’ and now she’s actually made the decision outrage – she can’t have her cake etc. But these journalists want the same thing they are accusing her of: ‘power without responsibility.’

Everything in this world has become one big reality tv show – politics is about populism – newspaper articles ‘What do you think of the Sussexes’ decision to step down as senior royals? On ‘Question Time’ two weeks in a row – whilst Australia is burning; a plane has been shot down killing 177 passengers; at the end of this month we are leaving the EU.

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