10 Reasons to try bereavement counselling


Bereavement Counselling! Why Bother?

  1. You need to take time for yourself.

After all the hospital appointments: registering the death; collecting the death certificate and the funeral arrangements you realise you haven’t had a minute to think.

2. It’s good to have someone who allows you to talk.

It might seem a tad self indulgent but it’s an opportunity to talk without being interrupted or diverted to another subject.

3. It takes the pressure off your family

When things get on top of you, you have a safe place to explore your emotions.

4. It’s great to be listened to.

In this world of blah blah blah; Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. You can speak to someone face to face who gives you empathetic nods; sharp intakes of breath – nothing beats that human touch.

5. It helps you to help others.

You are in a better place to help others going through bereavement. You have experience of articulating that indescribable pain.

6. Can be more effective than taking medication

Some doctors if you mention depression they are offering sleeping tablets or anti depressants (which are fine if you need them) but I have found talking about my loss more effective.

7. Helps you to deal with the loss

Helps you to realise that you can take baby steps during the healing process. There are no quick fixes; just time and patience to get back to feeling normal.

8. Freedom to be honest

You don’t need to perform; you can let the mask slip that hides the unbearable pain inside.

9. Focus on the present and the future

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Counselling allows you set yourself goals both short term and long term. Take a class; take up a hobby; change jobs; go travelling, all these ideas can be explored.

10. You don’t have to face the grief alone

Taking one hour out of your busy week to talk about your grief removes the feeling of isolation. You can begin to untangle the complex feelings that come from losing a loved one in a safe space.

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