Radioactive Eggs


Growing up with Jamaican parents you get used to recycled magerine and ice-cream tubs etc. Many times you run to the freezer to fetch a tub of rum and raisin ice cream only to be bitterly disappointed when faced with frozen rice and peas.

So when you challenge an unsuspecting babysitter with providing a meal for five hungry children – you can only get a tale of the unexpected.

The meal she chose to prepare was scrambled eggs beans and toast. What could go wrong?

Close to hand was a full bottle of oil so she started to feed these hungry children. She poured the oil into the frying pan and added the whipped up eggs. The eggs were a magnificent yellow contrasting nicely with the orange beans. She commented on the brightness of the eggs and assumed they must be free range eggs.

She proudly presented her creation to the children in her care, cautiously they scooped the eggs onto their forks. The eldest strongly rejected the glowing eggs only to be told: ‘Eat it!’ After all why should she start this meal again when the bright sun was calling these children out to play.

The eldest decided it was time to investigate to his horror; he remembered observing the transference of washing up liquid into a sunflower oil bottle (no time to question the reasons why). He rushed into the dining room ‘don’t eat it it’s not cooking oil! It’s washing up liquid!’

An overwhelming sense of relief flooded the remaining children – they wouldn’t need ready brek to glow on their way to school.

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