Long Summer Days


The four girls looked across the lake, they saw the deep blue mirror lake reflecting clear sky and trees. Ducks slice through the lake sending ripples to dry land.

The clouds lazily hang high in the sky as the rats scurry and rustle in the undergrowth. Above their heads prehistoric creatures fly claiming the sky as their own.

Leaves whisper and flutter in a light breeze. Time stands still in the awe of this majestic view.

Fish swim close to the shore through plastic bags, one use bottles and crisp packets abandoned by their owners.

Behind them, small dogs sniffing and snuffling on the ground, forcing their loving owners to meander along the path. Children cycle, skate, scoot and run unrestrained. Unlike child refugees and asylum seekers, imprisoned trapped by indifferent red tape.

These days won’t last forever; soon life will change their outlook but for now they stare out across the lake unhindered, unrestricted and unburdened.

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