Black Panther a movement?


I watched Black Panther on Friday 16th February 2018 and it’s taken me some time to put into words the many emotions I felt at the end of the film. Did I feel empowered? Did I feel enlightened? Hard to say.

Most superhero films are not rated for their scripts, but some lines were laugh out loud funny at times easing the tension and giving the audience a chance to breathe in true Shakespearian style.

This film was prepared to boldly go where no film has gone before; three female characters wielding weapons with all the strength; power and poise of any man in a superhero movie.

Image result for black panther movie women fighting

The imagined world of Wakanda presenting a proud Africa, unashamed of its place in the world. A refreshing change from scenes of desperation for basic resources such as food, clean water and medicine. I was reminded of ‘Coming to America’ when I saw the vibrant colours, the shape and design of the costumes; they were a feast for the eyes.

If Black Panther changes anything it tells my daughter that she can look at images that do not present her as a victim but as a warrior who can fight for herself.

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