Social Care! What Social Care?


Before my parents became ill it was something that happened to other people. I thought the system was ticking along nicely. If you’re old, disabled or vulnerable there was a system at work to make sure no one falls in between the cracks. I was wrong.

Something has gone badly wrong when carers are sent to provide a meal but they can’t cook. They can only open tins or put the food in a microwave. Now we are all aware that consuming processed food like this can’t promote healthy eating which is essential for for people who need the carers in the first place.

I noticed how quickly social workers wanted to close cases. To hand them over and make them someone else’s problem.

The system is broken and I’m afraid Jeremy Hunt is not the man to fix it. He is in denial that Social Care if funded and staffed properly there would be less bed blocking. Social Care can ease the pressure on the health service because it would be preventative rather than reactive.

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