Does truth matter?


How have we got to a place where truth has no value? Are we living in a post truth era? Leaders are found to be liars not once, twice or three times but all the time. Jokes are made about wallpaper but essentially missing the point – should we expect honesty, decency and morality?

We’re outraged by youth crime and violence there are numerous programmes on insurance fraud, cheats and swindlers so we expect high moral values from general public but not from the government.

After reading 1984 in 2016 there are so many similarities with the present government. Politicians make statements between Union Jacks as if any opposing views are unpatriotic.

Social Media has become the wild west of misinformation whether its on Covid, the vaccine or presidential elections. How far down this road of dishonesty are we going to go?

I work in education it wouldn’t take very long for me to be sacked if I was both incompetent and dishonest yet with our politicians we make these lame excuses like ‘economical with the truth’. No-one is held to account. A former Prime Minister found in a ‘lobbying controversy’ claimed he made ‘missteps’.

The local elections last week left me feeling a little pessimistic about the future. I felt like the whole nation had been brainwashed into believing lies or just accepting that truth is rare in politics but then a little hope started to filter through the youth – the next generation. ‘No lie can live forever’.

In addition, Dawn Butler’s brave stand in the House of Commons about the many times the Prime Minister had misled the House. The irony is she was asked to leave for exposing the truth – punished more harshly than the repeated offence of ‘being economical with the truth’.

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