Holiday Reads


The Longest Holiday

I took this book on holiday not really expecting much from it. However from the first paragraph I was gripped.

The main protagonist cried a lot throughout each chapter to be honest these type of characters put me off because they come across as weak and insipid but surprisingly I immediately connected with her. Sometimes it depends on the stage in life that you’re at. There are days when I feel like crying and I’m afraid to in case it never stops.

Back to the story each chapter is well structured to keep the reader turning the page. The main relationship in the story takes a long time to get going. I would describe it as Shirley Valentine in Miami.

There are a number of twists and surprises in what is quite a simple plotline. I found it hilarious when she describes her friend falling in love on holiday and leaving her at the airport to face disappointed parents. It reminded me of my one and only venture to Kavos a girl at the airport still high saying she didn’t want to go home.

Towards the end of the novel – the reader becomes caught up in the protagonists dilemma. Which man will she choose? Does she have the capacity to forgive?

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