Journey to Salou

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Planning a summer holiday as a singleton living in London.  I could leave it till the last minute get a good deal and go anywhere in Europe.  Things have changed.

Post covid we were instructed to take a booster vaccine in order to go to Spain.  We both caught Covid just before Christmas we didn’t want to have anymore injections especially my husband who I felt had long covid.  So we went for the riskier option PCR test 72 hours before our flight.  This option was expensive £83 each.  The results would arrive the next day.

First thing Thursday morning, I checked the results mine first you’re fit to fly negative – good news the gamble paid off.  Next my husband’s test – opened the email – weak positive I nearly dropped the phone.  Who do I ring first?  Called my husband out of a deep sleep – his lame response ‘oh no!’ Then back to sleep.

We had 1 more opportunity to get the all clear- the antigen test much cheaper than PCR immediate results.  We had to wait 3 hours before the chemist opened.  Test secured frantic reading of instructions – painful 15 minute wait – fit to fly certificate secured.  Next time I think I’ll get the the booster.

The airport was another worry weeks of reports of long queues at the airport, sleeping on airport floors and lost luggage.  We checked in online or should I say we thought we did.  No boarding passes issued so we couldn’t use the self check in.  Despite this small hiccup check in was quick and smooth.

The flight was slightly delayed but nothing to worry about.  Now in Spain I could see the effect of Brexit – sent to a different line we had to have our passports stamped and checked.  Then another queue to check our vacine status.

Another Brexit bonus we had to pay a tourist fee at Check in €18.  So altogether we £200 extra to enter Spain.

Salou did not disappoint.  I have never been to mainland Spain and I’m used to everyone speaking English (wish I’d watched more Dora the Explorer).  My Spanish is woefully inadequate.

Travelling with an 11 year meant a compulsory visit to Ferrari Land and Portaventura.  Day 1 we went to Ferrari Land.  It had a pretty impressive entrance and an extremely expensive gift shop.  The main ride was impressively high.  We waited in a hot queue for over an hour too tired to argue with queue jumpers.  Anyway after that painfully long wait, I realised we were at the front.  They gave us goggles for goodness sake.  I was too scared to scream on the journey to the top.  When it paused I closed my eyes before the plunge downwards.  That was my last white knuckle ride of the holiday.

At Portaventura I spent a lot of money to carry the bags.  Anyway I would highly recommend it if you’re in Salou with children and teens.  The gift shop had more realistic prices.  The heat was intense but there were plenty of water rides to cool you down.

With the adventure parks out of the way it gave us an opportunity to discover Salou the golden beaches, wide pavements and palm trees wouldn’t look out of place in Miami.  We took pictures by the sign – well why wouldn’t you?

The following day we explored the more secluded beaches. We had a beach to ourselves.

The food at the hotel was delicious such a wide choice of food. The desserts were works of art. I would definitely return to Salou.