Don’t be afraid to sit awhile and think

Lake District 2021

The thought of a staycation in 2021 was horrifying for most of us as holidays abroad were cancelled in 2020.  Unpredictable weather, high prices and overcrowding during a pandemic persuaded most of us not to bother.

Fortunately, a bit of forward planning in December meant a trip to the Lake District was something to look forward to.  Leaving behind the polluted, noisy angry city for a few days was truly welcome.

We drove up the M6 in the early morning sunshine through green fields and rolling hills.  I found myself taking longer, deeper breaths as if all the stress was being left behind.  The plan was to meet at the Bobbin Mill in Ulverston (a number 1 attraction)

The mill was in beautiful grounds, surrounded by lush green hill, a babbling Brook gurgling in the background.  The bright sunshine wouldn’t have been out of place Lake Como or Lake Garda.  The beautiful weather tempted us away from the mill to Lakeside.  Winding narrow roads meant almost facing head on collisions.

Well if you go to the Lake District you have to sail across the lake but which ticket to buy to avoid the mistake we made over a decade ago. The day tripper sounds like a bargain. You can get off at the next stop and walk to the next, she told us. What could go wrong? From our experiences plenty. The walk to the next stop was 5 miles away (a trifle for the prepared with walking shoes, walking sticks and water) a problem for city slickers. We survived.

We took the boat to overcrowded Bowness the views across the lake were breathtaking. We were greeted by greedy geese and swans used to people feeding them. Fish and chips was the meal we were yearning for.

Desperate to escape the crowds we followed a path that seemed to lead to a park but a short walk led us to the side of the lake. All the stresses and strains from the week were released just standing there and listening to the silence.