It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the loss of my parents in 2018 but all the memories came flooding back today.  Choosing the headstone and the wording  – further solidifying their eternal loss.

We looked through pictures of headstones labelled with mother, father, sister, brother.  Black granite and gold lettering all symbolising permanence. 

The Pandemic has suspended grief for my parents as so many have lost loved ones in 2020 before you have time to comfort and offer condolences someone else has died.

I didn’t think I would be affected by Prince Philip’s death but the image of his flat cap on the carriage reminded me of my dad and I had to choke back the tears.  He was the same age as my dad when he died just short of 90 years – probably one of the few similarities but both fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers who will be sadly missed.

The words for the headstone carefully selected to reflect the love and appreciation for their life. Not enough words, not enough words.