Commonwealth Games 2022


Saturday 6th August 2022 I managed to book tickets for the athletics at the Alexander Stadium.  The morning started with a hearty breakfast made by my kind hearted 94 year old grandma.  The aim was to leave the house at 9.30am.  Birmingham had kindly laid on free buses for spectators.  The road to the stadium was littered with nuclear families hats suncream and backpacks walking to bus stops or straight to the stadium.

The bus was full a ten minute journey.  We stopped outside the stadium a short walk brought us to the entrance.  The music was pumping bringing a party atmosphere to the proceedings.  The volunteers with huge  sponge hands greeted the visitors. 

Our seats were in category D so we knew we had a high climb to our seats.  We weren’t prepared for just how high up dizzying heights.  When we finally sat down we were happy with the seats – we could see the whole track. 

The great thing about these games was that the Para games were at the same time (hopefully the Olympics can do the same). 

We were due to see the high jump, they were tiny specks on our screen but we could see the incredible heights they were jumping.  The most exciting thing for me was seeing the Jamaican team flying over the bar.

Next was the walking race 25 laps around the track for 40 minutes.  You have to admire the perseverance of the athletes especially the ones that were lapped.  A great lesson in never giving up.  Some getting PBs.  The way they ended the race with loud cheers from the crowd it seemed to lift their spirits.

My daughter and I agreed the best race was the 100m Relay men and women heats. It was at this time my husband and daughter decided to get food.  I was frantically sending messages – they arrived just in time.

I’ve watched the Relay a thousand times on TV but nothing compares to being in the stadium. The baton changes fast, slick and smooth. Hearts pumping until the final change over. We took our time leaving the stadium taking in the beauty of the brand new track the vibrant colours a centre for excellence.